Med Contour Multipower

Med Contour Multipower is a next-generation device in its category that combines ultrasound and radiofrequency technology for efficient, safe and painless non-surgical body shaping, cellulite removal, tightening of the skin and facial rejuvenation. 
Med Contour Multipower is the star of non-invasive treatment of the face and body for the purpose of eliminating localized fatty deposits and cellulite, reducing body volume, tightening and rejuvenating the skin and lymphatic drainage.  

Multipower platform contains 4 applicators:  
- Body Shape - to remove fat deposits and break cellulite 
- Body Shape and Tight – for skin tightening 
- Draining - for lymphatic drainage 
- Face Lifting - to tighten and rejuvenate the skin of the face, neck and neckline 




not needed

Treatment time:

30-50 min




short-term redness of the face, feeling of heat



Frequently Asked Questions

How is Med Contour Multipower treatment performed?

 The treatment consists of three stages: 
- stimulation of the lymphatic system 
- ultrasound and radiofrequency treatments 
- lymphatic drainage of the treated area 
Med Contour treatment starts with the stimulation of the lymph nodes. After stimulation of the lymphatic system, we dissolve fat with pleasant, warm massage with a specially designed applicator. Fat, that will enter the intracellular fluid is expelled through the lymph, urine, sweat, and a small part goes through the liver. The warm-up phase is followed by lymphatic drainage in order help the body to eliminate released fat.  

How does the Med Contour Multipower treatment work?

The controlled energy of ultrasound penetrates the subcutaneous adipose tissue causing fat cell membranes to break down while releasing their contents as well as fibrous connective tissue found in formation of cellulite. 
The synergy of ultrasound and radiofrequency with thermal energy stimulates and reorganizes collagen fibers causing tightening, firming, and improving the texture of the skin. 
Using natural processes, the organism eliminates excess fatty acids and triglycerides from the body, and lymphatic drainage as a final stage of treatment also facilitates the process of elimination of released fats, promotes circulation and elimination of excess fluid, especially in edematous cellulite. 

Is the treatment painful?

The treatment is painless, effective and safe.  It is often compared with the feeling of a deep warm massage, which makes it extremely pleasant for the client.  

Which regions can we treat Med Contour Multipower?

The regions that can be treated are: abdomen, thighs, arms, buttocks, knees and upper arms. 

What results do we achieve with Med Contour Multipower treatment?

Med Contour Multipower is a non-invasive alternative to non-surgical liposuction with long-lasting results and an effective treatment in eliminating localized fatty tissue and cellulite, reducing body volume, tightening, and rejuvenating lymphatic drainage.   
The average volume reduction is 2.5 cm after the first treatment, while for a more effective result it is recommended to do more treatments over the recommended period. How long the results will linger depends on the adherence to the recommendations on adequate nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle of the client.  It is important to point out that the results achieved in clinical studies have shown up to a 20 cm decrease in volume in the total area of treated parts of the body. 

What is the recovery after treatment?

There is no downtime so you can immediately return to everyday activities. 

How many treatments are needed for visible results?

It is possible to see the results after the first treatment in terms of reducing the volume, while for a longer and better result it is recommended to perform 6 treatments. 

How often is it recommended to perform Med Contour treatments?

Treatments are carried out every 7-10 days.  It is recommended to carry out a cycle of 6 treatments in order to achieve a measurable effect.  Depending on the size of the fatty tissue and the stage of cellulite, the cycle can also be repeated. 
 It is recommended to combine it with adequate nutrition and appropriate physical activity for the purpose of faster achieving and maintaining the results. 

What are the side effects and risks of treatment?

Treatment is not recommended for people with more severe chronic diseases of the organic system, malignancies and skin diseases in the zone of the treated area. It is not recommended for people with a pacemaker, pregnant and lactating women, and for those who take drugs to lower lipid levels or anticoagulant drugs.

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