MedSpa & Wellness Center Life

Restoring your health and wellness today with the Medical Spa & Wellness Center Life is a step closer to healthy future

MedSpa & Wellness Center Life is a leading health oasis in the middle Dalmatia specialized in providing the highest level of service in regaining vitality, supporting overall wellbeing, and fostering the mentality of joie de vivre.

Located in the very center of town Solin, in the green oasis of luxury President ***** hotel, we offer holistic and preventive services to our clients in order to achieve full body and spiritual satisfaction.

In our relaxing surroundings, using contemporary approach to wellness & spa treatments, fitness and recreation, nutrition, aesthetics, dermatology, and variety of other medical services, you can develop new, healthy lifestyle habits and achieve your inner peace and satisfaction. 

Our philosophy promotes the fusion of modern and regenerative medicine, natural therapy, balanced Mediterranean diet and body detox; accompanied by the opportunity to change lifestyle habits with the ultimate goal to achieve stronger body and mind. There are four main areas of expertise of the Medical Spa & Wellness Center Life:


Our expert medical team is focused on your journey towards restoring your health and we will guide you on your way to revitalization through applying the most advanced medical expertise in combination with some natural remedies. Our dermatological experts can help with any matters related to skin care and health. We take a great deal of pride in our individualized approach in combination with the highest quality skin procedures and products. Our multidisciplinary physiotherapy team has developed a strong expertise in preventive and regenerative methods, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, cupping, and medical massage to help all clients revitalize and regain normal function of their body.


The Life Center promotes the nutritional health approach grounded in the cutting-edge food science combined with the, Mediterranean cuisine as one of the healthiest diets globally. Furthermore, we pay particular attention to individual needs of every client in order to achieve an optimal balance between healthy metabolic system, body vitality, and desired health outcomes

Movement and recreation

Physical activity is an essential part of any health improvement and it contributes to better life quality and longevity. MedSpa physiotherapists in cooperation with personal fitness trainers will support you in achieving your desired recreational goals (i.e., weight loss, muscle building, body toning) while lifting your spirit along the way.

Mindfulness and wellbeing

Through fusion of meditation, mindfulness, yoga, pilates, breathing exercises or coaching techniques, we aim to achieve a better response to life stressors and more effective thought management, control of our emotions and behaviors. Individual approach, trained staff and relaxing interior make MedSpa & Wellness Center Life an ideal partner for holistic wellbeing, both physical and mental.

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